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3 Point Hoops® Basketball Free app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 4464 ratings )
Games Entertainment Simulation Sports
Developer: Skyworks
Current version: 4.2, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 26 Mar 2009
App size: 8.74 Mb

Can’t get enough March Madness! Then lace up and hit the basketball courts with 3 POINT HOOPS® Basketball from Skyworks, creators of the best quality and most fun sports and arcade games on the iPhone/iPod touch!

In Classic Mode, shoot from nine positions around the 3-point line. Using your finger, flick the ball toward the basket to take a shot. The speed and direction of your flick will control the speed and direction of the ball.


- CLASSIC MODE – Shoot from 2 positions around the 3-point line!

- UNIQUE POSITIONS – 2 unique shooting positions around the court!

- BONUS BALL – Bonus ball worth even more points!

- GAME CENTER - For leaderboards

Pros and cons of 3 Point Hoops® Basketball Free app for iPhone and iPad

3 Point Hoops® Basketball Free app good for

So realistic its one of the best basketball games for the iPhone or iPod touch
I think you should buy the full version, the music is great, good graphics, and perfect audio! ( seriously, dont buy this crap)
This is an awsome game but there are a lot that it needs like the game should be free
Great app on the iPad, but, on the iPhone, frequently gets stuck. I hope the next upgrade, addresses this.
This is a good app but it wont let me open it I had this app before and it was cool then I had to delete because Iran out of gigs then i tried to reinstalled and it wont let me open it Whats wrong

Some bad moments

When I downloaded this game it looked so cool cause I like basketball but this game is an insult to basketball the voice gets annoying also dont buy the full version
When I switch the iPhone to silence mode, this game is still blasting the sound/music out loud!
Skyworks should stick to arcade games this was very dissapointing
This game is just based on luck, not skill. I was really disapointed and it was a bad purchase.
I and 1 point away from winning and getting first place it starts making me miss. The game requires no skill, it is all based on how the game wants it to turn out for you.
I hate it.. It is possible the worst game Ive ever downloaded... It doesnt even show you how to show how to shoot

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